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  • This is my first wiki so hope you like it, i like so i started to make game like it so i make a card that has a tank in

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First Thing First Edit

This is a Project but soon i will make some amazing Cards

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Cards Edit

This is an example of what my card project gonna be.

  • The Red number is the number of the attack you have
  • The Blue number is the number of the defense you have
  • The Right Top Is The Card Name
  • The Left Top is The Card Rarity

Some Of The Cards Have Special Effect like By Its Rarity Color :

  • Yellow [Common]
  • Purple [Uncommon]
  • Red [Rare]
  • Green [Extra Rare]
  • Black [Mystic]
  • Blue [Extra Mystic]
  • Pink [Legendary]

Some Of The Effect Might Got Bad Effect Like Gain Wait, Frozen, Burn.

How To Get A Cards Edit

Basicly this is just for fun but in the future i might add some pack to get cards